Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one job?

Yes! You may apply for multiple jobs via the Arnotts Careers site if you think you are suitable for each position.

How do I apply for a job at Arnotts?

All applications should be submitted online. Applications for roles under the Arnotts brand and own-buy brands will be considered by the HR team while concession applications will be forwarded to the relevant recruiter. If your application is shortlisted and you are suitable for an interview, the HR team or concession’s recruiter will contact you when the application deadline closes.

I work for Arnotts or a concession within Arnotts – do I have to apply for internal roles online?

All job vacancies are advertised internally and externally. Internal applications should be emailed to

How are the interviews structured?

Interviews take place in Arnotts Head Office on Henry Street. They are conducted by a representative from the HR team as well as your potential manager. A first round interview is the perfect opportunity for you to tell us about your experience to date and what you can bring to the role you’re applying for. You may also be asked to provide samples of your previous work where applicable. Second round interviews (where applicable) will also be conducted in Arnotts Head Office; this interview will be lead by senior members of staff.

For concession brands, the interview may take place at another location; this will be confirmed when you are scheduling the interview. First round interviews will be conducted as per usual and followed up with a Store Approval process.

I’ve been offered an interview at Arnotts – how should I prepare?

In the days leading up to the interview you should familiarise yourself thoroughly with the role you’ve applied for. Prepare honest and concise answers to questions you think may be asked during the interview. When applicable, you should also prepare examples of your previous work. We want to hear what you think about Arnotts. Take a walk around the store and browse our website so you can give constructive feedback. For more information, check out the What to Expect page.

Do you provide feedback after the interview?

If you feel it would help you in the future then we will be happy to provide feedback after the interview.

When will I hear back from you following an interview?

When all interviews for the role have been conducted, a member of the HR Team will contact you. This may take up to a week but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you.

How easy is it to move from retail to a head office role?

All vacancies are advertised internally and all applications will be considered. If you are suitable for the role and with the support of your current manager, you will be called for an interview.

Do you offer a staff discount at Arnotts?

Yes we offer generous discounts to all our employees. The percentage of the discount depends on the department you are working in.

What other benefits do I get?

Some other benefits of working for Arnotts include generous holiday allowance, career progression, a staff canteen, group pension scheme, social club, bike-to-work scheme and travel tax incentives.

I’ve been offered a job at Arnotts – what now?

Congratulations! We can’t wait for you to get started. Your contract will be prearranged with a member of the HR team and will be delivered to you via email or post. A start date should also have been arranged with you. If you have any questions about starting or haven’t received your paperwork within the time allocated then contact the recruitment officer you have been speaking to.

What should I expect during my first few days?

The first few days of any new job are daunting at best. We’ll ensure you settle in as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Induction will take place during your first week. This includes any relevant training, a tour of the premises, familiarising yourself with the company and its history as well as meeting your new colleagues.