What to Expect



All applications should include an up-to-date CV and a cover letter detailing why you’re applying for this particular role. When we evaluate each application, candidates will be shortlisted based on suitability for the position.


Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. During this time we will let you know who will be interviewing you, directions to our HR department where the interview will take place and a time and date for the interview. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us.


Interviews are conducted by a member of the HR team and your potential manager. This is a great opportunity for you to tell us about your experience to date, what skills you have developed and what you can bring to the role. You may be asked to provide specific examples of your work in previous roles.


We hope to get in touch with all candidates after the interview. If there are further interviews, we will contact you to schedule this; if you have been successful in securing the position, we will call you to deliver the good news!

Interview Tips

Here are a few essential tips to help you give the perfect interview at Arnotts.

Be Prepared

It might sound like a cliché but the number one, top tip when you are attending any interview is to be prepared. Before the interview, check your emails for any specific interview preparation you may have been sent. Ensure you have clear understanding of where to go, at what time and who you are interviewing with. Arrive at least 10 minutes early.


Dress to reflect your style. However, ensure you are a representation of the brand you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for a Head Office position, it is good to double check with the interviewer what the dress code is.

TOP TIP: Try and wear something from the brand you are interviewing for; this is not essential, but won’t fail to impress.

Positive Attitude

Ensure you greet your interviewer with a strong hand shake and a smile. Your body language in an interview is also very important. Ensure you have good eye contact with the interviewer. It’s also important to show a high level of commitment in the interview. This could be addressing the fact you have no problem working late or working at the weekends (which is essential in retail).


Ensure you research the company and if you are interviewing for a particular brand ensure you know facts about the brand. Visit the store prior to your interview. Take note of what’s currently going on; are there any promotions or events? What are your favourite brands in store? Why would you like to work with this particular brand?

TOP TIP: Take a walk through the Arnotts Careers site. Here you will find exactly what we’re looking for and our company values.

Success Stories

It is great to have a few success stories prepared from previous employment or personal projects. Try to make these as relevant to the position you are applying for as possible.

Why you?

This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and strengths. Have at least three reasons why you should be hired over your competition. Make these original so you really stand out, but ensure you keep in mind the position you are interviewing for.

Ask Questions

Have at least one interesting question prepared to ask at the end of the interview. This shows you have thought about the company and are interested to know more about the brand. For example, “what is the company’s culture like?”.